Making new music video, crowdfunding, and «In Spite» CD's


Hey, guys! Who wants to see our next music video and hear our next song, I've got some info here. We are crowdfunding for the new musicvideo right here on Patreon!

If we reach $250 in subs per month, we'll make a music video from our studio, like we did «Insomnia» and «I Know What You Need».

Upon reaching $500, we up our production. Probably, some outdoors shots, some extra performers, dancers. 

On $1000  we make a «full production» music video for the next song. High-quality picture, lights, maybe even a story, if it fits the song idea. 

And finally in case we hit $2000, we are doing «Ballad of the Water Crossers» music video in «full production mode» because we have to do this song justice. 

Also, there's a special offer available until June 6th. Anyone subscribed for $5 tier or higher gets a collectible edition CD of our 2016 album «In Spite». Though the shipping will have to be on you.


High time to subscribe, or upgrade your tier, if you're already subscribed!

Cheers, and have a great day!

Our new single «Insomnia» is out!


Ho ho ho, said John McClane. Ho ho ho indeed! It’s 7 am here, I haven’t slept yet, I have my whiskey in one hand, and I’m rolling out this song with the other one. Hope you like it. I said I hope you like it! JK. Check out the music video here. Yup, right here:

Download this song in our store, or by subscribing to our mailing list right here:

And as usual, it’ll be available on all major music streaming services. This time it’ll happen sometime around midnight. Till then you can:

Pre-add on Spotify

Pre-order on Apple Music 

Have the best day!
— Vitally Golovanov

These new T-shirts are awesome!


Hey, guys!

We just launched new merch designs. Grab one now and get a 10% discount with a code ed7v1zw

The code is valid until December 31st, so hurry up!

We’ve got three T-shirts: one with a logo on the right shoulder, another with «I Know What You Need» single cover art, and one with the logo on the front. Also the’res a sweet little crop top.

Just click/tap these images, or visit our store.

Check out this unboxing video to see how they look IRL.

And don’t forget that the 10% discount code ed7v1zw is valid only till December 31st!

Have a great day!

—Vitally Golovanov

We "accidentally" leaked some demos

00-05-08;11 _ Marker 3.png

I made the vlog on my personal channel, where we are preparing to record drums. And somehow a few of our work-in-progress demos sneaked in. 

It is entirely possible that we might even end up never releasing some of these songs!

The vlog is in Russian, but we prepared a condensed version for you English speaking peoples out there. Less talking, more music, so to speak.

However the girl we asked to edit might have missed some of the demos, so here's the link to the full video. In case you want to hunt for more peaces, or speak Russian.

Watch full version in Russian →

Have an awesome day!

— Vitally Golovanov

It's here! New single and music video


Our new single «I Know What You Need» is live, and the music video featuring lovely Elena Rassokhina premieres today 8 pm Moscow time (just follow the link, it'll say what is it in your local time).

And thanks to YouTube's new Premiere feature, you will be able to watch it go live and comment, simultaneously with us and other fans!

We will be responding to comments a bit before, during and after the premiere, so follow this link, and set a reminder to participate!

Also our mailing list subscribers have already received their free downloads mp3. Join them, and subscribe right now to get yours!

As usual, our music is available in all major music stores, such as:

Spotify Google Play iTunes and Apple Music Amazon

Have a mighty great day, and see you soon!

— Vitally Golovanov

Upcoming single cover art reveal


We are releasing our new single on November 1st for you guys, our Patrons, and on November 8th for everyone else! 

The song is called «I Know What You Need»

We couldn't just make it your standard band-picture-cover, we had to have exclusive artwork. Because that's how we roll, and because fans deserve better! Ginormous thanks to Anna Pavleeva for this awesome cover art!

What do you make of it?

Wanna eavesdrop on our upcoming single?


I was recording guitar at the studio and decided to film a bit. A bonus is that it is recorded live. Just enter your email, and check it out right now:

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