It's here! New single and music video


Our new single «I Know What You Need» is live, and the music video featuring lovely Elena Rassokhina premieres today 8 pm Moscow time (just follow the link, it'll say what is it in your local time).

And thanks to YouTube's new Premiere feature, you will be able to watch it go live and comment, simultaneously with us and other fans!

We will be responding to comments a bit before, during and after the premiere, so follow this link, and set a reminder to participate!

Also our mailing list subscribers have already received their free downloads mp3. Join them, and subscribe right now to get yours!

As usual, our music is available in all major music stores, such as:

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Have a mighty great day, and see you soon!

— Vitally Golovanov

Upcoming single cover art reveal


We are releasing our new single on November 1st for you guys, our Patrons, and on November 8th for everyone else! 

The song is called «I Know What You Need»

We couldn't just make it your standard band-picture-cover, we had to have exclusive artwork. Because that's how we roll, and because fans deserve better! Ginormous thanks to Anna Pavleeva for this awesome cover art!

What do you make of it?

Wanna eavesdrop on our upcoming single?


I was recording guitar at the studio and decided to film a bit. A bonus is that it is recorded live. Just enter your email, and check it out right now:

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Guess who was spotted at the Guitar Battle?


Suddenly, Vitally Golovanov found himself in the jury of the audience acclaimed fifth Guitar Battle.

Vitally shared this heavy burden with Iakov Tsvirkunov from the band «Severniy Flot» and your friendly neighborhood music vlogger Vaganich.

The burden was heavy indeed. Because the battle between Dmitry Kondrusev and Nikita Marchenko has stirred the internet since it was mentioned for the first time long before the actual event.

Even though the whole thing is entirely in Russian, the rounds themselves are worth watching. Just skip the first 10 minutes of intro product placement.

Have a nice time watching this!

Your last chance to grab our Collector's Edition Nazlo CD


Hail, fellow metalheads! Due to our store reorganization we are stopping the sale of our limited edition CD's. And most likely these will not be back anytime soon.

The final date is Sunday, 1st of September percicely 23:00 Moscow time.

So don't loose your time and head to our store to get some!

Now in English

Hi, guys! We decided to fully convert our website to English with a goal of reaching a wider audience. Due to platform (and time) limitations we currently can't support our website in two languages, so we had to prioritize.

Also, you might have noticed this news feed on our website. Yup, now it's the primary source of updates on any and all important stuff concerning Ametist.

Our Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are also transitioning to English.

And one more thing. We still would like to focus more on the new stuff, so some things might stay in Russian for a while. But we'll get to them eventually.

We hope that it will work out best for all of us! 

Stay with us, and Stay Heavy!

— Vitally Golovanov