Making new music video, crowdfunding, and «In Spite» CD's


Hey, guys! Who wants to see our next music video and hear our next song, I've got some info here. We are crowdfunding for the new musicvideo right here on Patreon!

If we reach $250 in subs per month, we'll make a music video from our studio, like we did «Insomnia» and «I Know What You Need».

Upon reaching $500, we up our production. Probably, some outdoors shots, some extra performers, dancers. 

On $1000  we make a «full production» music video for the next song. High-quality picture, lights, maybe even a story, if it fits the song idea. 

And finally in case we hit $2000, we are doing «Ballad of the Water Crossers» music video in «full production mode» because we have to do this song justice. 

Also, there's a special offer available until June 6th. Anyone subscribed for $5 tier or higher gets a collectible edition CD of our 2016 album «In Spite». Though the shipping will have to be on you.


High time to subscribe, or upgrade your tier, if you're already subscribed!

Cheers, and have a great day!